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Reviews about Aline Bunod Coaching

Working with Aline was really helpful. I really struggled figuring out what I wanted to do and all I wanted was for the future to come as slowly as possible because I didn’t feel ready for it. We only worked together for a few months but during that time we were able to work things out so that I had a better idea of what path to take and what career I could actually see myself enjoying. After everything, I feel much more comfortable in my skin and more secure in the future. I can actually imagine myself in a few years without stressing over it and I got to talk about various issues I had and got the help I needed with it. This isn’t therapy and it won’t fix you, but it’s really good to at least figure yourself and what path you want to take. Plus Aline talks both French and English so if you’re bilingual and struggle with remembering words from time to time it’s really helpful that you can still express yourself without having to google the word.


Amandine - Student at Science Po Paris - Student transition coaching

Témoignages Aline Bunod coaching

If you need to find and draw the asset deep within yourself, Aline is the right person for you. It allowed me to focus on what matters to me and made me who I am. More than just a coach, she is an ally in gaining self-confidence. I cannot thank her enough for that. I have seen the considerable progress and the changes that it has made in my life. Thank you, Aline!


Master degree student - Life transition coaching and student guidance


The coaching sessions with Aline allowed me to feel supported with kindness and without any judgment. She boosted my confidence, encouraged me to find solutions within myself, helps me set goals. It also gives me time to refocus and more foresight.

Now I can welcome "my faults" positively. I am aware of the progress I made. Aline is a good listener and transmits her positive energy. All this is a real help when I am in the middle of professional questioning.
This work reminds us that we build paths step by step and that each stone we bring has its importance.


Educational Pedagogical Advisor - Professional retraining coaching

Working with Aline allowed me to take a step back, and to make decisions as well. His questions, always relevant, encourage people to think differently, better and move forward. Beyond his work as a coach, it is also his listening and his openness, his positive and active vision that help.


French teacher - Expatriation and professional development coaching

Aline is a remarkable listener, patient and gentle, and knows how to support with the proper balance without ever directing forcefully. With the help of realistic objectives, the mountain seems less high, and his benevolent and optimistic gaze makes it possible to bring a new angle, another light on the events. The exchanges with her are a genuine pleasure. It was a reassuring, stimulating, and valuable weekly meeting.


Project Manager - Personal Life Transition Coaching

After three years of personal work following a very complicated breakup, difficult relations with my mother, my director, between meditation, psychological follow-up, hypnosis, acupuncture, intensive sport, readings, I had come to stagnate and procrastinate, taken by drugs such as victimization, cigarettes or alcohol. It was necessary to take action.
This is what Aline allowed me:
The final results: more cigarettes.
What a victory!
Current results: better relationships with those around me, my employer, greater ease in finding solutions while accepting that everything is not perfect every day.
Long-term results because Aline knows how to offer you tools that you keep with you and that you can come back to in due time.
Why Aline's coaching succeeded where other methods failed: her kindness, her understanding of what is at stake (even though she does not smoke, she was able to help me), her real desire to accompany you. The tools it offers you. His know-how and his know-how. She knew how to accompany me and be a true partner who knew as much to listen to me as to shake me up, to surround me and allow me to rebuild myself, in any case to move forward.


Music Teacher - Personal Life Transition Coaching

Témoignages Aline Bunod coaching

I worked with Aline as a coach. Personal coach, life coach, director of the conscience, she identifies your personality very well to meet the objectives you have set for yourself. She is goodwill and has unfailing optimism. Also very supportive, she teaches you how to reshape the emotional disorders of your life.
Coaching with her helped me a lot. I looked forward to the sessions as a red thread that allowed me to get on the right track to achieve my goals. I learned a lot about myself. I learned to trust myself and not want to be perfect in all circumstances.​
I would say that she is undeniable support in your life project and that she teaches you to hold the reins for your development. He is an authentic person who will boost you, show you that everything is not always white or black. Perhaps a modern-day “Mary Poppins”?

After all, there's always a solution to everything? Thanks again, Aline.


French teacher - Personal life transition coaching

Julie Ripoll

Aline is always attentive and gifted with an analytical sense. She does not pass judgment when she helps us make the right decisions. She is someone who has mastered the facets of a coach well by combining them with her former job as a teacher since she will bring out the best in you to elevate you. Thank you, Aline!


- Entrepreneur

We called on Aline for our 17-year-old daughter in high school. She asked herself many questions about her future, orientation, and the meaning she wanted to give to her future adult life. Aline helped her put her ideas in order, structure them, and refine his project. She is caring and attentive, which allowed our daughter to give herself up with confidence. The progress was noticeable after each session. The work made by Aline paid off quickly since it took only over three months and less than ten sessions, which seems very effective and productive to us. As the attentive and sometimes worried parents that we are, it was a great relief. Thank you, Aline!


Mathematics teacher - School orientation coaching


Aline is a remarkable listener, patient and gentle, and knows how to support with the right dosage, without ever directing in force. With the help of realistic objectives, the mountain appears less high, and its benevolent and positive gaze makes it possible to bring a new angle, another light on the events. Talking with her is a real pleasure, a reassuring, stimulating, meaningful and precious weekly meeting.


Lyric singer - Coaching student orientation

Aline accompanied me on the occasion of my new professional retraining project. She was of great help in helping me organize my reflection on this new direction. She allowed me, thanks to her listening, her benevolence and her very positive outlook on my positioning and my questions, to regain my self-confidence at a time when I was in doubt about a certain number of choices to be made, and where I felt that my thoughts were getting me "nowhere". Without passing judgment, she was able to value each of my actions, and this coaching helps to structure her approach, set goals and measure their achievement. But before that, she guided me to question myself about my deep motivations, to open myself up to a field of possibilities, all with the aim of being as aligned as possible with myself and my aspirations.
This is why my meeting with Aline turned out to be very rich, because this approach raises issues related to oneself, and her very relevant, rewarding and benevolent gaze allowed me to move forward on my own path of personal development.


Music Teacher - Personal Life Transition Coaching

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