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Certified Life Coach And More

Diplôme Master Coach ICI
Diplome Programme neuro-linguistique
Diplome Programme neuro-linguistique

Licenses & certifications :

  • Certified Master Life Coach, International Coaching Institute in Geneva, accredited by the ICF
  • NLP Practitioner, Académie Francophone de PNL, Toulouse.
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Ecole Française d’Hypnose

I also hold several academic degrees :

Université de Paris IV, Sorbonne.

  • Master of Advanced Studies (DEA / Master 2) in Modern Languages
  • CAPES (French certificate of aptitude for secondary school teachers) in Modern Languages
  • Master’s degree (Master 1) in Modern Language

Training & skills :

  • Coaching mentorship program as part of ACC certification with the ICF
  • Workshops on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction based on the MBSR Model of Mindfulness Training with Lorraine Hobbs (UC San Diego).
  • Training in certifying psychology :

 -Pandemic coping and resilience


 -Anxiety disorders

 -Obsessive compulsive disorder

 -Mindfulness meditation and psychology

Native French speaker, native fluency in English

My Publishings :

  • Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Etonnants Classiques, Edition Garnier Flammarion, 2001.
  • L’Homme au Sable, ETA Hoffmann, Etonnants Classiques, Garnier Flammarion Edition, 2005.

Personal Background

“The greatest good that we can do to others is not to communicate our wealth to them, but to reveal theirs to them”. Louis Lavelle

Very early in my life, I began to ask myself questions about fragility and inner strength, and how a person manages to find the right balance and a firm foundation that allows them to feel safe, stable, and aligned internally.

Passionate about literature and philosophy, I enriched my knowledge of these disciplines during my university studies, which helped lead me down the path of research and writing while simultaneously giving me a deeper understanding of the human experience.


Fueled by a desire to share these passions with others, I began my career as a teacher, which took me to two continents and three different countries: France, Canada, and the United States. These unique, formative experiences helped me discover new perspectives of people through a variety of educational methods, languages, and cultures. Ultimately, I settled in San
, a gateway to South America, which has provided me a new field of


In addition to the “instructional” aspect of my job as a teacher, I also learned
how to work collaboratively and how important it is to be able to work
with people of different personalities. I learned the art of conflict
management, as well as the importance of creating cohesion within a team and building collective intelligence to move towards a common goal together. I have been able to gain much personal satisfaction from these incredibly rich experiences. Most importantly, I have gained a better understanding of people as individuals, and how I can help both young people and adults in reconsidering their perspectives to effectuate beneficial change.


Consciously or subconsciously, I believe that it is this aspect of teaching that enriched and challenged me the most. I realized that I no longer wanted to waste my time carrying out administrative duties related to my job. From that moment on, I began to consider a career change while getting
in touch with my inner values and identifying that which was resonating within me.

As a natural next step, I started to pursue a career helping others by becoming certified by the International Coaching Institute in Geneva, an internationally recognized coaching school whose practical and technical training taught me a wealth of skills and knowledge. Since my life is dedicated to coaching others, and considering my own ethical standard, I constantly pursue ways to develop my skills and challenge myself, just like encourage my clients to do! I pursue continuous learning while also writing, documenting my journey, and enriching myself with information that builds my skills and improves my practice.


My year of certification was keenly focused on finding my identity as a life coach. I saw it as a logical choice to develop a specialization in areas related to my own career path, with expertise focusing on coaching for career changes and life transitions (especially those related to expatriation), and academic and school-life coaching.


My coaching programs focus on identifying and developing my clients’ potential, boosted by positive psychology that invites them to explore new paths with confidence and creativity. I am convinced that there is no such thing as failure, and that every life experience has value. As such, my coaching helps restore my clients’ aspirations, which allows them to rediscover a desire for success.



In addition to coaching, I also incorporate NLP, hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness Meditation tools into my practice to aid you in more efficiently reaching your goals and solidifying your future potential.

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Aline Bunod
Coaching transition de vie
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