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Dare to (re)invent yourself

Choose a program based on your objectives

A coaching program always starts by identifying a goal that YOU set for yourself. This unique goal can be personal, professional, or academic.

Personal life transitions

Reveal your best self

  • Coaching for family life changes
  • Coaching for restoring a work-life balance
  • Coaching for boosting self-esteem
  • Coaching for finding meaning in life
  • Expatriation coaching

  • Changes in family life :

Help with life transitions: divorce, birth of a baby, retirement, etc.

  • Restoring a work-life balance :

Take back control of your time and get your life off “autopilot.”

  • Boosting self-esteem :

Overcome your fears and get in touch with your inner potential to better face new challenges.

  • Finding meaning in life :

Define your own vision of a successful life and choose realistic options for your next step.

  • Expatriation :

Find or reinvent yourself while living abroad

Career Changes & Professional Development

Overcome your greatest challenges

  • Career change coaching
  • Decision-making coaching
  • Job change coaching
  • Career assessment coaching

  • Career changes :

Find or create a career that has meaning and get started.

  • Decision-making:

Boldly take advantage of opportunities and make commitments.

  • Job changes:

Overcome impostor syndrome, explore new horizons and step into your stride.

  • Career assessments:

Take stock of your career, and assess your strengths, talents, and skills to take on new challenges.

Academic & School-Life Coaching

Discover or rediscover a passion for learning

  • Motivational coaching
  • Guidance coaching
  • Methodology coaching

  • Motivation:

Find meaning so that you can recommit yourself to your education.

  • Guidance:

Make choices that reflect who you are.

  • Methodology:

Learn techniques for time management, organizing your work, etc.

The 5 Steps of a Successful Coaching Experience:

  • 1. Get in touch

    Explain your situation and describe your goals to me.

  • 2. Book your intro session

    Together we determine if we would like to work together.

  • 3. Definition of a realistic and ambitious goal

    We implement an action plan adapted to your needs.

  • 4. Work towards your goal step by step

    We meet during coaching sessions held on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis.

  • 5. Successfully complete your transition

    We take stock of how you have progressed and what you've learned.

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